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High school Career Technical Programs

Each program completer receives four Carnegie Units. Each program prepares high school students for entry-level jobs in the occupational area or for continuing educational pursuits at the post-secondary level. Several of our programs are articulated with East Mississippi Community College career-tech programs and offer advanced college credit to students who qualify.

  • Caledonia High School
    • Health Science Technology
    • Building Trades
  • New Hope High School
    • Automotive Services Technology
    • Cooperative Education
    • Engineering and Robotics
  • West Lowndes High School
    • Business Communications Technology
    • Masonry
Automotive Service Technology Rodney Greggs
Business Technology Communications Patsy Edinburgh
Building Trades Harold Ford
Cooperative Education Kali Harris
Director Percy Lee
Engineering/Robotics Danny Browning
Health Science Technology Ann White
Masonry Joseph Fowler
Student Services Sunny Brownlee


Tech PrepTech prep has been incorporated into the middle and high school curriculum. It consists of a sequence of study beginning with Career Discovery in the 7th grade and continuing with 8th grade Computer Discovery and 9th grade Technology Discovery. In these required courses, students are exposed to occupational clusters centered around arts & humanities, agricultural & natural resources, business & marketing opportunities, engineering & industrial jobs, and health & human service careers. Through the use of high-tech equipment and a strong counseling program, students begin choosing their career paths at an early age.

The tech prep instructional program is centered around applied academics and hands-on student-centered learning activities. Academic and vocational objectives are integrated in all secondary courses, which are also articulated with post-secondary institutions.

Tech prep prepares students for either direct entry into the work force as technically skilled employees or for continuation into a college degree program. It also provides a school-to-work transition because it helps students make the connection between learning and employment.

The Lowndes County School District works closely with the Mississippi Department of Education and the Research and Curriculum Unit at Mississippi State University to upgrade Tech Prep resources, provide extensive teacher training and improve the Tech Prep curriculum.

Percy Lee,