M,T,TH,F  Schedule
7:00am Unload Buses/Breakfast Starts
7:45am Classes Begin
10:35am-12:20pm Lunch
2:35pm Pre-K-2nd Grade Dismissal
2:40pm 3rd-6th Grade Dismissal
2:45pm Buses Depart from WLE
3:15pm Teacher Dismissal


Wednesday Schedule
7:00am Unload Buses/Breakfast Starts
7:45am Classes Begin
10:25am-12:00pm Lunch
1:40pm Pre-K-2nd Grade Dismissal
1:45pm 3rd-6th Grade Dismissal
1:50pm Buses Depart from WLE
4:00pm Teacher Dismissal


   Progress Report & Report Card Schedule

Grading period

5th Week Progress Reports

Report Cards

August 7 – Oct. 10, 2017 Sept. 7, 2017 Oct. 19, 2017
Oct. 16– Dec. 22, 2017 Nov. 16, 2017 Jan. 11, 2018
Jan. 9 – Mar. 21, 2018 Feb. 8, 2018 Mar. 29, 2018
Mar. 22 – May 24, 2018 April 19, 2018 May 24, 2018


* Students who arrive to school after 7:50 are tardy and must check in at the office and be issued a tardy slip. Students will not be allowed to enter the classroom without the required tardy slip.  Please remember 3 tardies equals 1 absence.

Grading System

* The Grading System used is as follows:

First – Fifth Grade                                                                            6th Grade
A – Excellent 94-100                                                                A – Excellent 90-100
B  – Above Average 85-93                                                       B – Above Average 80-89
C – Average 75-84                                                                     C – Average 70-79
D – Below Average 70-74                                                        D – Below Average 60-69
F – Below Standard Below 70                                                 F – Below Standard Below 60

Students who make all A’s during a grading period will be placed on the Superintendent’s List. All students who make A’s and/or B’s during a grading period will be placed on the Principal’s List. Kindergarten students will receive a progress report each grading period.


* Parents are asked to contact the student’s teacher to schedule a conference.

** LCSD will have a district wide Parent-Teacher Conference day on October 11, 2017.

Medication Policies

* If your child needs to receive prescribed medication while at school, we ask that you come by the school to fill out a medication permission slip. The school will not dispense medication without the completed medication permission slip. Medication will be dispensed ONLY from the office. If you have any questions please contact the school nurse, Rachel Young