Senator Chuck Younger with 8th grade students during their recent field trip to the Capitol.

Senator Chuck Younger posing with some of our 8th grade students during their recent field trip to the Capitol to learn more about government.



04/25/2016 – 05/10/2016 – MAP Assessment/MST2 Assessment

5/4/16- Math Guerrero

5/5/16 – 5/10/16 Make-up all MAP

05/9/2016- 5/13/2016 We will begin inspecting  MacBooks, book bags, and chargers in preparation to collect them before summer break.  If no damage is found your student may turn in their MacBook for required summer updates and “cleaning” as they would turn in a textbook.  If repairs such as cracked screen, broken hinge (clamshell), etc. are noted, you must pay the $50 deductible as stated in the Technology Contract that you signed- before your student’s report card will be released.  Therefore, prompt payment of this deductible will be required.   

05/13/2016- NHMS Awards Day (8th Grade -8:30; 7th Grade – 10:30; 6th Grade – 1:00)

5/16/16 – 5/20/16- Exams:

5/16/16-   1st period (8:00-9:30) & 2nd period (9:54-11:24)

5/17/16-    3rd period (8:00-9:30) & 4th period (9:54-11:24) 

 5/18/16-   5th period (8:00-9:30) & 6th period (9:54-11:24) 

5/19/16- 7th period (8:00-9:30)

5/20/16- Make-up Exams

05/20/2016- Student’s last day (60% day)

* Exams cannot be taken prior to 5/16/16.  Students may check out after an exam. The student must be signed out in the front office.  If someone other than a parent/guardian is checking out the student, a note from the student’s parent/guardian is required with the name of the person checking out the student and a number where the parent/guardian can be contacted.  If the parent cannot be contacted to confirm the checkout, the student will not be allowed to check out.  If the student will be checked out all week by someone other than the parent, a note can be written for the entire week.*

Exemption Policy: A student in grades 6-12 may be exempt from a final exam if he/she has no out- of- school suspensions, has completed all parts of state testing, and meets one of the following requirements: an A average,  a B average and no more than 5 absences, zero absences and a passing average in the class. Exemption is based on the semester average. Averages used for exemptions will be from 2nd semester only.  If a student has any OSS for the whole school year they will not be eligible to exempt. Before a student can be eligible for exemptions he/she must not owe any money in the cafeteria, not have any library books checked out, returned all textbooks and MacBook.


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Drop – Out Prevention Plan 2015-16

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