4/20/2017-  Progress Reports




Please click the link below for important May News:

Important End of Year Info.

Award’s Day Friday, May 12th:

  •  8:30 8th Grade Awards   
  • 10:00 7th Grade Awards 
  • 1:00 6th Grade Awards


5/15/17 – 1st & 2nd Exams

5/16/17 – 3rd & 4th Exams

5/17/17 – 5th & 6th Exams

5/18/17 – 7th Exam

5/19/17 – 60% day – Make-up Exam Day/Students’ last day

Exam Exemptions – from the student handbook

Yearlong Class Exemption Students in grades 6-12 may be exempt from the 2nd semester exam in a yearlong class with an A average or with a B average and no more than 5 absences (This is for the year).  These exemptions are based on semester averages. In addition, all absences must be excused as defined by Mississippi Compulsory School Attendance Law. Students in grades 6-12 with zero absences may be exempt with a passing average in the class. There will be no exemptions with any out-of-school suspensions. 



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