Lowndes County Student Handbook 2015-2016



The New Hope High School Beta Club is local chapter of the National Beta Club. The Beta Club recognizes academic achievement, promotes character, develops leadership skills, and encourages service involvement. The National Beta Club’s motto is “Let us lead by serving others.”All members are required to participate in a variety of community service projects and to attend club meetings regularly.In order to be eligible for membership, a student must be enrolled in grades 9-12 and have an overall average of 90 or above. Membership dues are a one-time fee of $20. New members are accepted only during the months of August and September.CHECK-OUT/CHECK-IN POLICY1. The student must bring a note to the office before first period begins in order to check out that day. The note must have the time of check-out, date, reason for checking out, parent signature, and parent telephone number. School personnel will call the parent for verification.

2. At the designated time, the student will report to the office to sign out. Office personnel will write a check-out slip which the student must keep until the next day. The slip will serve as an absence excuse for the classes missed.

3. Students will not be allowed to call a parent to check out except in an emergency.

4.Students who check in late must report to the office with a check-in note. The note should include the date, reason for late arrival, parent signature, and parent telephone number. Office personnel will call the parent for verification.


The ACT and/or SAT tests are required for admission to every university in the United States. Universities use these test scores along with your grade point average to determine your admissions eligibility. Universities may recommend or require either or both tests, and most will accept either. Check in the current university catalog where you intend to enroll for specific policies and requirements. The Counseling Center has helpful information and/or you may find additional information at


Seniors meeting graduation requirements are awarded diplomas by the Lowndes County School District. A $25.00 diploma fee is assessed for each diploma to cover the cost of setup, engraving, diploma cover, shipping and handling. The name printed on your birth certificate will be the name printed on your diploma.


Upon a student’s return to school after an absence, he or she must report to the office to receive an absence excuse. An excused absence will be issued if the student provides a note from a parent or guardian or a health care professional. This documentation must include the student’s name, the name of the parent or guardian, the telephone of parent or guardian, the date(s) of the absence, and the reason for the absence.

If a student does not present any documentation concerning his or her absence, the student will be issued an unexcused absence.

The attendance policy in the Lowndes County School District Handbook will be followed.


Other than scholarships, the majority of financial assistance that students typically use is financial aid. If you are accepted for enrollment in any approved post-secondary institution and you are an eligible citizen of the United States, you are eligible for consideration. Filing of the FINANCIAL AID FORM (FAFSA) automatically enters you for consideration in any and all of these. Once you are enrolled, the decision for the amount of financial assistance is made by the financial aid office at individual institutions. Both state and private colleges have financial aid funds that they control. When students submit the FAFSA, they are also considered for funds controlled by the specific colleges named by the student. The U.S. Department of Education supports five student assistance programs including: PELL GRANTS, SUPPLEMENTAL EDUCATIONAL OPPORTUNITY GRANTS (SEOGO), COLLEGE WORK-STUDY, PERKINS LOANS (NATIONAL DIRECT STUDENT LOANS), AND GUARANTEED STUDENT LOANS & PLUS LOANS. There are many possible sources of financial assistance that are available. Your assertiveness and persistence in pursuing these opportunities will be the determining factors in securing these options for your use.


Graduation will be held at Humphrey Coliseum on the campus of Mississippi State University in May. Humphrey Coliseum is the only venue in this area large enough to host the 3,000+ parents, relatives, and friends attending this event. Attendance is mandatory for all graduating seniors.


The faculty and administration of New Hope High School will nominate five students per year from the Senior Class for the New Hope High School Hall of Fame. Hall of Fame is a very prestigious honor with rigorous qualifications including:

1. attendance at New Hope High School both junior and senior years

2. overall 85 or better average on all academic work for 3 ½ years of high school

3. participation in at least two extra-curricular activities each year

4. a clear disciplinary record

5. qualities of leadership

6. seeking an advanced education beyond high school.

7. high moral and personal characteristics

8. a student of distinction

If you meet the above qualifications and would like to be considered for this honor, submit an application to Mrs. Boyett.


Any student leaving a classroom must have an issued hall pass that is completed with the following information: teacher’s name, date, time, and destination. If a student is in the hall without a pass, he or she will be regarded as tardy to class.


Each student must earn a minimum of 26 Carnegie units, with at least two of the last four Carnegie units being from the school granting the diploma.

Curricula Units Required Subjects

English (4) English 9, 10, 11, 12

Math (4) Algebra I, Geometry

Science (4) Biology

Social Studies (4) MS Studies, Health,

World History, Economics,

U.S. Government

Business & Technology (1)


Arts (1)

Electives (7)



Each student receiving a standard diploma must earn a passing score on each of the required high school exit examinations: Algebra I, English II, Biology I, History from 1877, and the FLE when applicable.

Students who fail to meet the graduation requirements are not permitted to participate in the graduation exercises.



1. Books may be checked out for a two-week period; they may be renewed for an additional two-week period.

2. The fine for an overdue book is ten cents per day per book. The fine accrues until the book is returned. The student is not clear in the library
until the book is returned and the fine paid. A refund for a lost book that has been paid for will be made only if the book is found and
returned during that school year.

3. If a book is lost or damaged, the student must pay for the lost or damaged book in order to retain library privileges. The student is responsible for
all books or fines on his or her library card.

4. Reference materials must be used in the library. The librarian may give special permission for overnight checkout. In such cases, the reference
book must be returned before the start of school the next day.

5. Eating, drinking, and gum chewing are not permitted in the library.

6. Each student will be issued a library card that must be presented to check out books or use the computers. Lost cards may be replaced for a
$1.00 fee.

7. Each student must sign in at the circulation desk.

8. All books, backpacks, etc. are to be placed in the designated area by the library door.

9. The library staff does not issue passes to the restrooms, lockers, or to excuse tardiness.

10. The student will remain in the library for the entire class period unless his or her teacher specifies otherwise.

11. ASK for help in locating books and other information. Your library staff is here help you!


The New Hope High School administration and faculty seek to create an environment that fosters cooperation between the students, parents, school, and community. With the help of our Partner in Progress AZKO NOBEL, NHHS provides an incentive program for our students. The goals of the program are as follows

To encourage perfect attendance

To provide incentives for academic achievement

To promote good behavior

To involve parents in school-related activities

To provide recognition for student achievement in a wide range of areas

To improve student self esteem
To involve the community in promoting the merit program and student achievement
Student will be recognized for participation and achievement in predetermined categories through earning merit point. Students may earn
merit points for the following activities or accomplishments:

A’s at the end of each nine weeks 10 points

B’s at the end of each nine weeks 5 points

Open House attendance (parent and student) 20 points

Open House attendance (student) 10 points

Organization meeting (parent, band, sports) 10 points

Club membership 5 points

Extra-curricular activities awards 10 points

Increasing grade by 5 points each nine weeks 5 points

Departmental recognition 10 points

Perfect attendance each nine weeks 10 points

No detention each nine weeks 10 points

End-of-the-year honors/awards 25-100 points

College Night (parent and student) 20 points

College Night (student) 10 points

Students may also earn points for community service; these points require a letter of commendation or proof of participation.
Each teacher/staff member may give a student additional points to reward outstanding behavior or achievement. Students who earn 100 points during a nine weeks or semester will be eligible to receive additional rewards. At the end of each school year, an auction will be held for all eligible seniors and underclassmen. At the auction, students will use their points as cash and bid on items provided by parents, the community, and our partner in progress AZKO NOBEL.



The Counseling Center at New Hope High School is committed to assisting you to access information regarding available scholarships. We do this by making available our Scholarship Handbook located in the Counseling Center and each Senior English Classroom. The handbook lists numerous scholarships, their dates, and information pertinent to applying. The actual applications for the listed scholarships are on file in the Counseling Center. Check the handbook often! If you intend to seek financial assistance in the form of scholarships, it pays to keep several strategies and attitudes in mind.

1. Be persistent. You will need to spend a lot of time and effort applying before you get the positive results that you are looking for.

2. Someone is going to win the scholarship. If you apply, it might be you! If you do not apply, it definitely will not be you. Someone once said to golf pro Lee Travino when he was recovering from the flu, “You better not enter that tournament, or you might lose”. Lee replied, “I better enter, I might win!”

3. Along the same line, scholarships do not come looking for students. You must take the initiative to find the ones that fit with your goals, and apply.

4. The greater the effort, the greater the chance of reward.


WHO: All males within 30 days before or after their 18th birthday.

WHERE: Any U.S. Post Office

HOW: Filling out a registration form at the post office. It will ask you to provide your name, birth date, address, social security number, telephone number, etc. You must have identification with you when you register.

WHY: It is required by law. Failure to register is a felony, punishable by a $250,000 fine and/or a five year jail term. In addition, registration if a requirement to obtain federal financial aid, job training benefits, and federal employment.


Representatives from Herff Jones Graduate Services, Inc. will meet with the Senior Class in November . Each senior will be given a packet containing information about invitations, caps and gowns. Review the packet contents and complete the order form.

Return the order form and the deposit to the Herff Jones Representatives. Your order will be processed and shipped to the school by the end of March. All questions concerning your order should be directed to Herff Jones Graduate Services, Inc. at 601-898-7883.


The Sociedad Honoraria Hispanica (SHH) is the official name of the Spanish Honor Society. This organization was established by the American Association of Teachers of Spanish and Portuguese (AATSP) to distinguish students who maintain an honor average in Spanish. Students are invited to join when they have maintained an ‘A’ average for 3 semesters of Spanish. They must also maintain an overall ‘B’ average in all courses. Their current teacher must be a member of AATSP.

Initiation is held in March or April. Students pay $5.00 dues, which registers them with the national SHH headquarters. Members may have field trips and service projects. In addition, members also receive an SHH honor cord for their graduation ceremony.



New Hope High School Student Council members are responsible for services and activities for the school. These include making morning announcements, leading the Pledge of Allegiance, sponsoring a talent show and other activities.

Requirements for election to the Student Council are as follows:

Must pass all subjects for the previous school year
Must have and maintain an 80 average
Must have no school suspensions
Must have no criminal convictions
Must have proof of insurance coverage
Must be recommended by three of the student’s current teachers

Student Council officers must have and maintain a 90 average

Student Council meets every Thursday morning at 7:10 a.m. in Mrs. Clay’s room (134).


1. Each student who parks a vehicle on the New Hope High School campus must have a valid parking decal on his or her vehicle. A parking
decal may be purchased from the high school office for $2.00. In case of an emergency, a temporary parking sticker may be acquired on a
weekly basis from the high school office.

2. Student vehicles must be parked in designated student parking areas only. Designated student parking areas include the following:
Parking lot east of the high school building
Across New Hope Road in front of the Band Hall
Adjacent to the Field House

3. Students should not park in areas designated for teacher parking. The student’s first offense will result in the loss of parking privileges for one week. Subsequent offenses will result in the vehicle being towed at the owner’s expense.

4 New Hope High School is not responsible for articles taken from student vehicles.

5. Vehicles parked in the student parking area are subject to search by the Lowndes County Sheriff’s Department or authorized school

6. The maximum speed limit in all parking areas is 10 miles per hour.

7. Students are not allowed to return to the parking lot during school hours unless accompanied by or authorized by an administrator.


Students are to arrive for class before the tardy bell rings and immediately prepare for class. When the tardy bell rings, the door to the classroom will be closed, and teachers will deal with the late students appropriately.


Trojan Bucks are an incentive for Positive Behavior. Students can use the Trojan bucks to enter into weekly rewards and attend school wide events. Trojan bucks can also be used to redeem incentives with individual teachers.


Voting is the privilege and responsibility of all citizens 18 years of age or older. To register to vote, send in a voter registration pamphlet on or shortly after your 18th birthday. You can pick up a registration form in the Counseling Center. Registration forms must be mailed 30 days prior to the election in which you intend to vote. If you have questions regarding voter registration, you may call the county court house. You must be a U.S. citizen, have lived in the State, County, and Precinct for 30 days prior to the election, be 18 years of age by voting time, and not be serving a sentence which denies your civil rights.