During this year I am confident that we will work together to create an amazing academic environment; an environment where we will grow as language users as well as people.

I attended Mississippi University for Women and graduated in December 2011. I obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education with Concentrations in English and Science (grades K-12).

Goals for My Students:

  • To become experts at Close Readings and Higher Order Thinking.
  • To improve their skills in Reading, Writing, Listening, Speaking, and Viewing.
  • To become prepared for the Language or verbal obstacles that await them during the remainder of their middle and high school years.
  • To become prepared for their college or career choices.
  • To enjoy ourselves as a team and work hard together.


S – Strive for SUCCESS

T – Try Your Hardest.

A – Always Come Prepared to Learn Something New.

R – Respect the Thoughts of Others.

S – Show the World that YOU CAN DO IT!